Wing Chun

Wooden Dummy Training

Students training on the dummy

The wing chun wooden dummy is probably one of the most misunderstood pieces of training equipment in the martial arts world or possibly even the whole sporting world.

A unique training tool the wing chun wooden dummy is designed to allow a wing chun student to practice position, structure and energy. The wing chun wooden dummy can be used to train long before the wing chun student learns the dummy form even by those still learning Siu Nim Tao. The wing chun dummy form itself incorporates concepts and structures not introduced until the Chum Kiu form, and is a perfect way for wing chun students to bring to life their Chum Kiu training. For this reason the dummy form is not normally taught until a wing chun student has at least begun to learn Chum Kiu and many students view the dummy with awe as an advanced subject and with almost mystical reverence. At Worcestershire Wing Chun we like to introduce the dummy as early as possible in a students learning journey to maximise the many benefits associated with this unique piece of equipment

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