Whether you believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine or adhere to modern western thinking , the health benefits of Wing Chun practice can be explained in terms of both frameworks.

QiGong is a popular form of exercise within traditional Chinese medicine. Combining breathing techniques with subtle movement, qigong encourages chi to move around the body along the meridians removing blockages. In traditional Chinese medicine stagnation, build up, and low levels of Chi energy are primary causes of disease and both physical and mental ailments. Regular practice of qigong helps to build up strong reserves of chi energy and ensures that it is free flowing around the meridians preventing disease and providing a way for the body to heal itself of ailments including chronic and acute conditions.

Wing Chun kung fu includes exercises that are a form of qigong, designed to be practised on a regular basis helping practitioners to stay healthy .

If Chinese traditional medicine isn’t for you and it all sounds like a bit of mumbo jumbo then the good news is that the health benefits of Wing Chun kung fu can be explained equally well by western medicine. Every function in our bodies is controlled and regulated by our brains including our immune system. Practicing the Wing Chun Siu Nim Tao sequence of movements is done slowly and relaxed as a form of moving meditation. There is a huge amount of evidence that shows regular meditation helps the brain to reset which in turn has a positive impact on returning the systems of the body to normal function. Stress has been shown to have a huge negative impact on physical health and numerous studies have shown that stress harms the immune system making us more susceptible to illness. Whilst most people associate stress with the extreme of breakdowns by those in high pressure jobs the truth is that day to day life and the amount of information that our brains process every day actually causes elevated stress levels in our brains. In a modern world taking time out to practice Wing Chun is a great way to give the brain a much needed break resulting in improved health and well being.