Self defence courses

Self defence courses do not work – period!
I often see adverts for self defence and women’s self defence courses and it makes me cringe everytime. If you want to learn a bunch of party tricks to show off to your friends at parties then self defence courses are the way to go. If however you want to learn to defend your self in self defence situations the only way to do it is to train repetitively over a prolonged period of time. Constant repetition over time creates muscle memory and reflex actions. During stressful situations like real life self defence anything that isn’t an automatic reaction goes out of the window. Wing Chun kung fu is effective not because the techniques are superior to other martial arts techniques but because of its simplicity and the way in which it is trained. Training a small number of techniques repetitively and practicing drills designed to produce automatic reactions means that Wing Chun is available to the practitioner when it’s needed in real self defence situations. It’s not much good for showing off to friends at parties though…………


  1. I work in the film industry as an actor and I am looking to get a few self defence classes under my belt for some future products coming up in the future do you do 121 or private lessons?
    I am 50 now and keep myself fit and over the years I trained in Jujutsu and a bit of Kickboxing, I am based in Worcester WR2 area and if you can help/advise in anyway that would be great.

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in joining your Wing Chun Kung Fu classes… are they still running please?

    many thanks,


    1. Hi Emily, after the enforced lockdown our classes are now back up and running. Studley Parish Hall every Thursday evening from 7-9. Come along if you still want to give Wing Chun a try

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