Self protection isn’t just about the enemies you can see

Whilst Wing Chun is undoubtedly a highly practical form of self defence against violent attack we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that some attacks don’t come in the form of a physical assault.

As a traditional Chinese martial art Wing Chun kung fu includes a focus on chi gung, or internal health as a core part of training.

The benefits of chi Kung can be explained through the language of traditional Chinese medicine in terms of boosting and balancing chi flow along the meridians of the body, or through a lense of Western mental health, whereby the benefits of meditation to avoid or alleviate stress and improve the immune response are well documented. Whichever framework fits your personal views and beliefs, it is clear that this element of Wing Chun training can help to defend against enemies within. From minor infections caused by bugs and viruses (the most used word of the past two years!!), to strain on our mental health that can lead to issues such as stress and anxiety we are under constant attack every day.

Unlike other martial arts that focus solely on physical confrontation or sport, or even those that focus solely on health, Wing Chun kung fu strikes a balance not often found making this truly unique martial art even more impressive.