Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a fantastic martial art that can be trained by everyone. Developed in southern China as a close range fighting system, Wing Chun has retained its practicality by being refined and tested in the streets and rooftops of Hong Kong making it ideal for self defence. Due to its practicality and its use of technique rather than strength to overcome bigger and stronger opponents, Wing Chun has a deserved reputation for being a devastatingly effective form of self defence but it also has much more to offer

Wing Chun kung fu is a traditional Chinese martial art and like other arts is steeped in history and culture. Unlike other martial arts however Wing Chun kung fu combines western scientific thinking with traditional eastern approaches. At first glance Wing Chun kung fu appears to be a relatively simple martial art, but once a student begins training the depth and subtlety of the Wing Chun system quickly becomes apparent. Whilst it is possible to obtain a level of proficiency in Wing Chun quickly, to truly master this unique and amazing martial art takes a lifetime of study. Each training session brings new challenges and different perspectives and there is always something new to learn.
At the heart of Wing Chun kung fu is the ability to control one’s own body and as a result Wing Chun students find that co-ordination and awareness of their body increases over time. Regular training also builds a student’s self confidence that they take with them into everyday life.
Like many other Chinese martial arts Wing Chun kung fu also provides a focus on internal health meaning that the art can be trained well into old age. A focus on relaxation encouraged during training helps to provide welcome relief from the stresses of everyday life.