Welcome to Worcestershire Wing Chun kuen, the home of authentic Wing Chun kung fu in Redditch. .

Worcestershire Wing Chun is a small friendly kung fu school in Redditch. We welcome anyone who wants to learn the fascinating martial art of Wing Chun in the Redditch area, whether you want to learn for practical self defence, as a hobby or both.

Learning Wing Chun at our school in Redditch is a fantastic way to make new friends, build confidence and learn new skills. Whats more Wing Chun kung fu can be trained by anyone regardless of age, sex or fitness level.

We work hard to maintain a fun, relaxed friendly atmosphere in the class and as a result we have some great people training with us. Chinese martial arts are traditionally based around a family structure (the word sifu means both teacher and father!) rather than military or religious structures so you won’t find lots of shouting and screaming or scraping and bowing to alters, just lots of laughter and hard training. Equally we don’t wear traditional oriental clothes, so you won’t see any white suits or orange robes etc and we believe that whilst lycra has a time and a place it isn’t in a Wing Chun kung fu class. Our uniform is simply a club T shirt and everyone wears the same regardless of length of time training or ability, oh and  we don’t use coloured bits of cloth to determine someone’s ability so you won’t see any belts or sashes either.