Training Wing Chun kicks

Well I got a kick out of tonights class…… low numbers due to the white stuff outside and  a bunch of work and school wing chun leg trainingcommitments, but those who made it did themselves proud. Exploring the most basic of Wing Chun kicks the tek gerk or lifting kick. Starting with drills to define the shape before moving on to drill balance, power and speed. As with all things in Wing Chun repetition leads to muscle memory and the kicks have to be drilled to the point that they are smooth with short range power and no telegraphing. Unfortunately many Wing Chun instructors over look the kicks in favour of hand techniques but the kicks in Wing Chun can be highly effective.

At the end of the class having drilled the kicks we spent a bit of time exploring chi gerk. If the kicks of Wing Chun are often over looked, chi gerk is at best mis understood and one of the least trained elements of the Wing Chun system. Chi gerk is hard work and it was great to see everyone really starting to get to grips with things.