Correct distance

Whenever we teach new students some of the first things that we explain to them are how to do the basic punch and centre line theory. Most students who stay for any length of time can recite a good explanation of the centre line, indeed within Worcestershire Wing Chun Kuen and the other Midlands Wing Chun Kuen clubs we ask for an essay explaining it in the first assessment. Despite being such fundamental principles its amazing that a large proportion of Wing Chun practitioners display an abject disregard for these most basic tennets when training, Continue reading →

Spectacular KO

Not Wing Chun but fak sao and spade palm target the same area and are delivered with as much force as you want. Don’t advise trying this at home, it’s a sure-fire way to damage your mates but it does show the effectiveness of targeting the vulnerable areas. [youtube]

An old clip but still seriously funny – you attacked me wrong! LOL . Way too many martial arts classes and self defence courses are too close to this for comfort. [youtube]  

Martial arts and politics

So Aaron Cook is taking his case to the court of arbitration for sport.Of course its not only the selection policy of British Taekwondo that has hit the headlines, the triathlon team has also been under the microscope but only in martial arts could the members of a governing body be so arrogant, biased and so small minded as to jeopardise the chances of success simply because someone has dared to do things differently and show up the gaps in their way of doing things. Continue reading →

Worcestershire Wing Chun doing our bit for charity

Well we’ve raised about £500 for terminally ill kids so far, work out for yourself whether these were smiles of relief, pride or simply grimaces of pain. Fantastic cause and worth every ounce of pain.

Resistance is futile

I saw this photo on a discussion board earlier today and love it. Next time someone tells you size doesn’t matter………    

The Martial arts show

The Martial Arts show was a fun day out again spending time with kung fu brothers and sisters from across MWCK (and of course the odd bit of chi sau – thanks to both Steve’s) and getting up on stage helping sifu to do demos, everyone who saw the demos has commented positively about them and how they stood out in a good way. Some new equipment was purchased by a few people so there was bargain hunting going on. I guess its a sign of the times Continue reading →

another great class

Another fun class last night. The time literally flew by. Everyone is making loads of progress and the jum sau was looking good by the end even if some of you are still far too nice!! Remember hand lost thrust forward, or to put it another way if you get the chance hit ’em. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s class now.

Another fun class

This morning’s class was great fun and I hope everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m sure some of you will have aching arms and there might be a few cobwebs that were knocked loose but every now and then you just have to test what you’ve been practising to know for sure that it’ll work when you need it. It was nice of the school to leave the crash mats out (again!!!) adding in some realism to the grab releases Continue reading →

wing chun kicking

I came across a blog about kicking in Wing Chun today that started out really promisingly by exploring Ip Man’s kicking ability and suggesting that it was a supporting argument for a rear weighted stance. Unfortunately it then went downhill rapidly by suggesting that Wing Chun kicking is difficult to do and even more difficult to apply. Having studied plenty of other kicking arts I’d have to say that the  Wing chun kicks are no more difficult than those of any other art to perform. They have to Continue reading →