Wing Chun Drilling – why are we doing this again?

    One of the things that came up during the course of last night’s class was the need to understand the purpose behind everything that you do when training Wing Chun kung fu. Everyone accepts that drilling is part of training and getting a good sweat on is fun, but if you don’t know exactly what the drill is trying to teach you, you might be wasting hours of training or worse training in bad habits. Wing Chun kung fu is a subtle martial Continue reading →

2015 a new year – a new start

So its 2015. As we start the new year whilst many people are making resolutions its a good time to think about training goals for the year ahead. My own training goals this year are simple. I’m going to be focusing on power this year, specifically short range or inch power. Over the years I’ve found that goals have to be simple to have a chance of lasting beyond January and the good thing about my goal this year is like a lot of Wing Continue reading →

Its important to connect the hips

    love this and their other youtube clips, the Sensei looks like David Seaman………… [youtube]

Training so hard we made it rain

Not outside, the British weather did that all by itself, but inside. Even with the doors fully open the sweat was literally running down the walls at yesterday’s chi sao gathering in Redditch. Dread to think what it smells like today………

Four of the UK’s top Wing Chun Sifus

 Massive thanks to all four of the gentlemen pictured here, my own sifu, Sifu Shawn Rawclife, Sifu Colin Ward, Sifu John Brogden and Sifu Karl Stanley, for making the chi sao gathering yesterday in Redditch possible. All four organisations were well represented and everyone mingled seamlessly training alongside each other as it should be.

Fantastic day at the Chi Sao gathering

150 people from across the country filled the room, travelling from as far as  Yorkshire and Dorset. We even had an international flavour with folks making the trip from Wales….. With well over a hundred people training in close proximity to each other for six hours it is testimony to the friendly and non confrontational approach encouraged by the chief instructors of the various groups represented that there was only one minor accident in the whole day and everyone had almost permanent smiles etched on their Continue reading →

Never bring a gun to a knife fight…….

I’m sure that the saying always used to be never bring a knife to a gun fight…….maybe they were wrong. Interesting reflection on how quickly the gap closes in a real fight and how relying on a concealed weapon to even things up is a big mistake. I hear so many people say they carry this or that, from sprays to kubotans, to protect themselves.  As this fairly dated video shows unless you’ve got your self defence weapon in your hand already when the attack begins, you Continue reading →