Fantastic First Wing Chun Class of the Year!!!!

Absolutely superb Wing Chun class tonight. Bumper turn out and fantastic atmosphere. Great to see so many people getting back into the swing of things after christmas and great to see those of you who haven’t been for a while back in the class. If you didn’t make it tonight, no matter whether its been a couple of weeks since you last trained, a couple of months or even longer its never to late to get back into it. For those of you who’ve not Continue reading →

New Year…..New Wing Chun Class

Due to popular demand we are starting a second Wing Chun class time. The new Wing Chun class will be held at Arrow Valley Health Club (Redditch) on a sunday afternoon from 4pm to 5pm starting from Sunday 10th January. If you’re a member of Arrow Valley Health Club the Wing Chun class is free of charge and if you aren’t its the same price as the Thursday night Wing Chun class (held at Woodfield Middle School) but you can use the facilities of the Continue reading →

Macmillan charity car wash

We are holding a charity car wash this saturday (25th July) at the Rubicon centre in Redditch. The aim is to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan cancer support. Its a fantastic charity so if you are in or near the redditch area on saturday drop in and get your car washed its £4 per car and 100% of the money is going to Macmillan. If you cant make it along to the car wash because your busy or dont live near Redditch, Continue reading →

No class Thursday 21st May

There is no class next week, Thursday 21st May. Class is on as usual tonight and remember if you don’t make it tonight you’ll be missing two weeks not one so do your best to make it if you can.

Charity fund raising

We’ve talked about doing some charity work this year as a club and later in the year we will do stuff for big charities including one of the big cancer charities (requested by a few of you) but I’d like to ask a personal favour and ask all of my Redditch students to get involved in doing something to help send a very poorly little girl to Disney land for her final holiday. Lily’s dad is a personal friend and I have followed this heart Continue reading →

Wing chun kung fu: more than just punching

Wing Chun kung fu – more than just punches. So many people train Wing Chun kung fu for self defence and yet  never practice anything other than punches. The punches in Wing  Chun are effective weapons in and of themselves and are a  fundamental way of practicing the energy and elbow driven  mechanics of the whole family of Wing Chun strikes, however if you  never practice using the other striking tools in the Wing Chun system  you cant possibly hope to rely on them should Continue reading →

Thursday 19th March

There will be no class next week – thursday 19th March. I know many of you will be disappointed but for those who are still eager to train we are compiling a list of names for car sharing on either monday or wednesday to visit Hall Green.

Club meal saturday (14th March)

After weeks of deliberation and aborted attempts we have finally managed to organise ourselves and arrange a club meal……We will be meeting at the red chamber at 7:30 this saturday. Its a bit late for a chinese new year celebration but is been a long time since we’ve been out as a group.

Training Wing Chun kicks

Well I got a kick out of tonights class…… low numbers due to the white stuff outside and  a bunch of work and school commitments, but those who made it did themselves proud. Exploring the most basic of Wing Chun kicks the tek gerk or lifting kick. Starting with drills to define the shape before moving on to drill balance, power and speed. As with all things in Wing Chun repetition leads to muscle memory and the kicks have to be drilled to the point Continue reading →

Bong sao

Another great Wing Chun class in Redditch on Thursday and it was a real pleasure to see fellow Wing Chun Sifu Steve Shaw. Two hours hard martial arts training and only covered two shapes! Probably sounds as dull as dish water to anyone who wasn’t there but remember in Wing Chun unlike some other martial arts it is quality over quantity and it was anything but dull. The two hour session positively flew past. Bong sao is one of the signature moves of Wing Chun Continue reading →